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Red Wolves Application

What to expect with Origins LC

  • Active in-game coaching (few whistles).
  • High-repetition/high-touch drills to boost focus and excitement.
  • Small-sided instruction and individualized attention.
  • Players grouped by team, age and skill level

At Origins, we play to play!  We foster the warrior mentality through, great coaching, competition, solid stable and consistent learning environments, creativity and self-exploration.  Our programming is some of the most affordable in the country while still maintaining the highest standards.  While others want you to believe their way is the only way we know it takes a village.  Want proof that we are a great choice?  Our staff has helped develop 8 professional lacrosse players at the MLL and NLL levels along with hundreds of starting D1,2 & 3 players.  We have also been the pathway for many more to become coaches at every level!

Origins LC participants enjoy individual attention required to boost skills over the long-term. 

We are not a quick fix but we do guarantee results!