Crossroads Cup
November 24, 2019

The Crossroads Cup is and invitation only box tournament for High School Teams.  We are making this tournament as easy as possible for teams to experience a real box event in a safe and easy to understand format.  This is a one day event at the historic Ellenberger Barn.  Experienced official, experienced box staff and real box!  This is the perfect tourney to get your feet wet in the box arena in a fun and safe environment. At the end of the day there will only be one team that will hold the Crossroads Cup above their heads!

  • Real Box Experience
  • 30 Second Shot Clocks
  • Certified Officials
  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • Professional Goalie Gear Provided
  • Details
  • Rules & Schedule

Date: November 24, 2019

Location: Ellenberger Ice Rink in Irving ton - We like to call it "The Barn".  5301 East St Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219

The Venue: The historic Ellenberger Ice Rink.  Home to the farm team of the 1970's New York Islanders that won multiple Stanley Cup Championships.  Rumor has it Wayne Gretzky got his start here!  Each bench has 1 door.  Each team will get their own locker room for the day.  The floor is polished concrete so players must wear basketball style shoes.

Format: We will play real box with US Lacrosse Rules.  Each team will be guaranteed 3 games in a tournament format. Games will run from 9 am to 8 pm. 

Optional Practice Times: Every team can schedule up to two 1.25 long practices at the Barn, prior to the tournament, to prepare and learn the basics of the box game.  Practicing teams would get 1/2 of the field.  During the tourney we can also provide your team with an experienced box coach that can help teach the nuances of the box game.  To keep it as fair as possible our coaches will teach the same tactics to all the teams and their players.

Officials:  We will be using experienced box officials and each game will have 2 officials.

Athletic Trainer:  A certified athletic trainer will be on site.

Cost: The fee for this inaugural tournament will be $45 per player.

Waivers:  Will be handled via the online registration system.

Questions:  Call  Ken @ 317-804-1721 or use our contact page.

US Lacrosse Box Lacrosse Rule Book
The following modifications will be made.
Time: Games will be Three 10-12 min Periods.  Each team will get 5 minutes to warm up and 3 minutes between periods.

Schedule will be posted 1 week  prior to the tourney.