Men’s Select Travel

Our club is not just about the business of lacrosse. We feel lacrosse should be a positive and valued part of a student athlete’s experience, and not the focus of it. Colleges want a well rounded athlete, so we encourage our athletes to lead full lives through school activities and other sports. We strive to strike a balance with our young athlete’s busy lives. We also work hard to help and guide our players to continue their successful lacrosse career into the college ranks. Through our competitive and encouraging coaches and support staff, we will provide the best lacrosse experience for your son. Our passion, experience, and communication set us apart from our competition.

Our travel teams are for players that are serious about lacrosse and want to take their game to the next level but not at the expense of family and friends.  You will learn and develop new skills, strategies and techniques that are used by the top programs in the country.  Through our teachings every player learns the flow of the game where they learn to read and react as opposed to running set plays.  Simply put we teach and develop lacrosse IQ.  Every player that makes the team experiences a high level of competition and coaching.   

To be a part of the Red Wolves you must be a Warrior, and not a follower! 

If you are interested in a great alternative with solid results check us out!  We believe that after a long hard spring the summer is meant to showcase your talents, work out and have more time with family and friends.  Less is more with Origins!

Adults- 2019 and up

2019 Adult Men’s Tournaments

Adult Fee: TBA
Includes uniform, tournament fee, coaching and administrative fees